Novak Djokovic, the new crocodile


New outfits for the Australian Open Grand Slam

Novak Djokovic is in Australia to win an eighth title. Special clothing for a special occasion.

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Novak Djokovic and Lacoste

On court, his elegance is innate, his determination his mantra and fair-play his way of being. His willpower is faultless and his soul-searching allows him to reinvent himself. Convinced that each of us can outdo ourselves if we want to, he is the flag-bearer of all free spiritis. Since 2017, Novak Djokovic embodies the new face of the crocodile.


The tournament collection: designed for performance

Lacoste is proud to walk hand in hand with Novak Djokvic in his matches. Developed by and for the champion, the tournament collection is always there with him in all his matches. Breathable, ultra-dry, stretch, technical jjersey tennis wear enhances all his movements. A wardrobe that combines technicality and elegance.

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The fan collection: designed for all crocodiles out there

“I am lucky to have incredible fans. Fans who put so much positivity into my life and career. I feel their love everywhere I go.” Being incomparably generous with his fans, Novak Djokovioc naturally collaborated with Lacoste to develop his fan collection. Wear it on court, in the stands or in the street, this collection is for everyone who is sensitive to what the new crocodile is eminating on court and in town.

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